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Solicitors - manage and reduce client costs

Having previously had his own incorporated legal practice, Dane has the necessary systems and procedures in place to represent your clients effectively and efficiently. The reduced overheads of his practice and the absence of any clerking commission allows costs savings to reduce client legal costs.

And, he knows how solicitors work and what they require.

Did you know?

A barrister can be briefed by lawyers from firms, corporations, government agencies and businesses directly without going through a law firm. Doing so, increases the likelihood of a timely resolution to disputes.

Further, you can engage barristers as specialist advisors either based on their particular subject area of expertise, or on their litigation experience, to work cooperatively with your in-house legal team, or other lawyers that you engage, at various different points in time in the dispute prevention and resolution continuum. For instance, from the initial point of developing a dispute resolution strategy at the outset; or to advise, or represent, you through the actual litigation process.

Additionally, barristers can be engaged on secondment where they can provide general advice work or supplement an in-house legal team in tasks such as discovery or due diligence. They can be the perfect flexible partner for corporate counsel to “flex on” or “flex off” according to your legal requirements at any particular time.

Dane accepts direct briefs from in-house or corporate counsel.


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